Gold Miner

Enjoy the great game Gold Miner! In this flash game one has to dig for gold and make ends meet to progress in each level. Each level has a limit that the gold miner has to reach. Each item is worth a certain amount based on what it is, and how big. The rocks are not worth that much but still give you something. The only down side is that they slow your gold miner down by taking a long time to reel them in due to their size. Gold is what you are after here. The bigger the piece, the more it is worth. After each round you are taken to the Gold Miner store where you can purchase items that help you along your way. It's a race against time in this game so be careful on what you grab because you might not make it. Once the timer is done, the round is over. Use the down arrow to activate your Gold Miner's arm and reel in what you can.

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